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Core Developers Network™ Launches at JavaOne
June 9, 2003 -- Core Developers Network™ a new consultancy formed by several of the leaders in the open-source Java™ community--today announced the formation of the company at JavaOne™ (San Francisco). With a specific focus on the corporate Enterprise and unique, targeted expertise in the creation, execution and development of mission-critical open source projects and infrastructure, Core Developers Network represents a significant new player in the burgeoning software services market. Offices throughout North America, Europe and Oceania allow multiple congruency and support for international projects.
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Core Developers Network™ Announces Public Launch
June 4, 2003 -- We are pleased to announce the founding of Core Developers Network™, a new services company supporting enterprise open source Java software. Core Developers Network is a partnership of peers with the guiding principles of integrity, openness, and fairness. Its charter is to provide a commercial infrastructure to enable open source contributors to deliver their professional expertise to the marketplace, independent of their contributions to open source projects.
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