Core Developers Network™ Launches at JavaOne

Core Developers Network™ a new consultancy formed by several of the leaders in the open-source Java™ community--today announced the formation of the company at JavaOne™ (San Francisco). With a specific focus on the corporate Enterprise and unique, targeted expertise in the creation, execution and development of mission-critical open source projects and infrastructure, Core Developers Network represents a significant new player in the burgeoning software services market. Offices throughout North America, Europe and Oceania allow multiple congruency and support for international projects.
The partners in Core Developers Network have demonstrated time and again their technical skills as lead programmers and independent contributors to some of the highest profile open source projects, including JBoss™, Jetty™, Apache Jakarta™, XDoclet™ and several others. All partners have ‘cvs commit privileges’--the authority to make code changes and updates in the Open Source Community. The organization’s charter is to provide a commercial infrastructure enabling open source contributors to deliver their professional expertise to the marketplace, independent of their contributions to open source projects.
Through Core Developers Network, these consultants can now offer a wide range of services, including professional documentation, software integration, training and expert support to the Enterprise on these and other projects. The consultants of Core Developers Network have been involved in some of the most complex Enterprise-level projects over the last decade and have received the highest acclaim from their customers.
"PC Magazine Labs offers the ‘final word’ to our readers on technology benchmarks and independent product analysis--we recently utilized the talents of Core Developers Network™ to verify we had an optimized, balanced platform and benchmark for JBoss testing. We were very impressed by their level of technical prowess - their comments and amazingly swift analysis of our code and testbed proved to us that their capabilities are indeed world-class," said Sahil Gambhir, Project Lead Development for PC Labs and PC Magazine.
" ( is one of the leading online retailers offering lifestyle products and services, and is ranked as the number one online travel agency in Europe. Working in partnership with Core Developer Network™, we have been able to leverage the world of open source to deliver optimised solutions for our business. A JBoss cluster now runs a significant part of our website and, with the help of Core Developers Network™, we have a programme of work to migrate the other parts to open source based solutions as well. Looking to the future, we expect to work closely with Core Developers Network™ on this and other open source initiatives," said Simon Salt-Cowell, Head of Project Management for
"It is our hope that providing best-of-breed service options related to open source projects will accelerate the further integration of open source into the Enterprise and lead to even greater adoption of these core technologies," said Dain Sundstrom, Partner at Core Developers Network. "We look forward to welcoming both new customers and new Partners to Core Developers Network and are already getting down to business for our first assignments."