Jetty is a 100% Java™ HTTP Server and Servlet Container providing a J2EE™ web tier. Jetty can be used as a standalone HTTP/Servlet server or as an embedded server as part of an application or application server. Jetty is the default web tier provided with JBoss™ and many other products and projects.
Mort Bay Consulting are partners of Core Developers Network™ and are the main developers and copyright holders of the Jetty server. Core Developers Network™ is the preferred channel for Mort Bays training and support services.
License: Jetty (Artistic Based)
Project Site:
Jetty 4.2.22 (binary 5 MB | source 1 MB)
Jetty 5.1.1 (binary 8 MB | source 1 MB)
Servlet 2.4 Specification Review Greg Wilkins (free!)
Jetty Tutorial Jan Bartel (free!)
JettyJBoss FAQ Jules Gosnell (free!)
Jetty Optimization Guide Greg Wilkins (free!)

Open Source J2EE™ Web Tier

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