With its advanced technical features, PostgreSQL is often the open source database of choice for use in conjunction with J2EE applications. PostgreSQL is an open-source descendant of this original Berkeley code. It provides SQL92/SQL99 language support and other modern features.
Core Developers Network supports the integration of PostgreSQL into Java servers such as JBoss, Jetty and Tomcat. We focus on database design, JDBC usage, performance, setup and deployment issues, but do not get into the database internals.
License: BSD
Project Site:
PostgreSQL 7.3.3 (RPMS | source)
PostgreSQL 7.3.2 (RPMS | source)
PostgreSQL 7.2.4 (RPMS | source)
JDBC Site:
JDBC 3.0 Driver (JDK 1.4)
JDBC 2.0 Driver (JDK 1.3 | J2EE 1.3)
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver PostgreSQL Global Development Group (free!)
Official Documentation PostgreSQL Global Development Group (free!)

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Dain Sundstrom Jeremy Boynes

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PostgreSQL Mailing List
PostgreSQL Global Development Group hosts several mailing lists dedicated to PostgreSQL.