Jan Bartel
Core Associate™
  Core Technology:
J2EE Web Tier, Silicon Valley, Feb 2004
Jetty Tutorial

Jan graduated with an M.A(Pass) degree in Computer Science from Sydney University, Australia in 1986. Since graduating, her clients in Australia and the UK have been in industries as diverse as publishing, digital interactive television, online shopping, telecommunications, maritime transport tracking and finance. Around 1996 Jan became interested in Java and internet applications and since then her commercial and open source work has been exclusively focussed on Java development projects.
Jan is a contributor to the Jetty open source project in a number of capacities: she is the author of both the Jetty website and online tutorial, she is a collaborator on the integration of Jetty with JBoss, and she is also a key developer for J2EE-related service enhancements to Jetty.