Connectors for JDBC

The JCA connectors for accessing JDBC DataSources are deployed as part of the default configuration. These are jboss-jdbc-local.rar, for accessing non-XA DataSources, and jboss-jdbc-xa.rar, for accessing XA DataSources.

You must still deploy the classes for the JDBC driver itself. Hot deployment of these classes is not recommended due to potential iteraction with the JDBC Driver Manager, and it is recommended that the the driver file(s) are placed in the <config>/lib directory.

Each DataSource is deployed by placing its -ds.xml file in the <config>/deploy directory.

Standalone Connectors

Standalone JCA connectors can be deployed by placing their RAR file in the <config>/deploy directory.

Similarly, a standalone -ds.xml file can also be deployed by placing it direcly in the <config>/deploy directory. Any classes needed by the connector must already be available on its classpath; normally this would be done by placing any jar files in the <config>/lib directory.

Connectors Contained in an Application

Connectors can be deployed as part of an Enterprise Application (EAR) by placing the RAR file inside. To activate the connector, an entry must be included in the EAR's application.xml file:


As an extension to the specification, a -ds.xml file can also be deployed inside an EAR. To activate this connector, the entry must instead be placed in the jboss-app.xml file:


Connectors Contained in a Service Archive

A Connector can be included inside a JBoss Service Archive (SAR) by placing a RAR file or a -ds.xml in its root directory. When the SAR is deployed, the connector will automatically be deployed as well.